An Unusual but Cool Backyard Shower from D’un jardin a l’autre

If you want to add something to your backyard, then take a look at the Bridge backyard shower from D’un jardin a l’autre, a French company. This unusual backyard shower will help you water your lawn comfortably and easily. It comes with a temperature regulator that allows you to mix hot and cold water at the desired temperature regardless of the weather. The galvanized steel frame is not only durable but it also can withstand all weather conditions.

It has three shower heads, one on the top and two are placed laterally and the water flows copiously. The thermo-lacquering cubicle makes the shield effective enough to withstand corrosion, besides guaranteeing long-lasting protection. The height of this shower is 2.10m and weighs 20kg. You can either fix install this in the sun or shade.

The water tap is directly connected to a garden hose or to a fixed installation. There is no information mentioned regarding its price yet. I hope this comes with a cheap price tag. I have been dreaming about buying something very nice for my backyard, and this is the best bet.

Via: Douches-de-jardins

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