Coffee Pad Machine Comes In An All New HK20 Avatar


You might not remember the brand studioMOM but if we take the name Coffee Pad Machine, it will definitely bring back memories of a very stylish home appliance that was released way back in 2007 but continues to be a part and parcel of our break times even today. Its manufacturer is Inventum and hails from Dutchland. And now, it has introduced an updated model of the same at the prestigious IFA Berlin. The new version goes by the name of Coffeepadmachine “HK20”.

And this one is packed with a lot of spunk. Illuminated with an LCD display, this coffee maker is as stylish as it could get. Other fuctions include a digital taste selector as well as a rather rare coffee brewing system that works at the perfect temperature for that perfect taste.

Among other specs, you can enjoy 1.3 liters of capacity, an auto-shut off, drawer system equipped with an electronic lock and a removable water reservoir. A very cutting-edge sort of a design that will reign your hearts and homes for many more years to come.

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  • Is the HK20 Avatar Coffee pad machine from Inventum available in Canada or the US? If so can you provide contact info for the distributor/retailer?

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