A TimeTable For All Your Meeting Sessions To Save On The Precious Minutes

All you workaholic employers out there who never get enough of slavedriving your team, a new furniture has just entered the market. This one goes by the name of TimeTable and it is just the thing you have craved for all your meetings and presentations. The quality will improve drastically without actually making you look more of a ‘Hari Sadoo’ than you reall are!

TimeTable is an interactive meeting table that has been created especially for conference rooms as it ensures that each and every session ends on the time allotted to it at the very start. So everyone keeps true to the time limit, thereby saving the precious minutes too.

A very intelligent unit, this table lets you know the length of the meeting with the aid of 10 illuminated RGB LED panels that are kept under the table’s surface. Each panel represents a tenth of the meeting time. So with the passage of time, the panels get switched off according to the set deadline with a slight sound effect. This innovative design has been created by Ico Design which works in partnership wuth Sidekick Studios.

Via icodesign

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