A Ferrari Chopper Motorcycle For Those Who Desire More Than Just The Supercar

The Ferrari never really does conjure the image of a stylish chopper mobike in our minds. It is always the famous Italian supercar that is known to have torn up the racetrack for so many years now. So, neither you nor we can be blamed. Because one very enterprising and, might we add, daring motorcycle bulder has devised a contradiction of his own. And he likes to call it the Ferrari Chopper.

The picture above showcases the machine in reference in its mechanical splendor. We are told that only two such bikes have been made. One has been powered by an inline-triple from Triumph. On the other hand, the second one makes use of an inline-four that has been yanked from a Yamaha R1.

And if it helps, both these bikes have been on the show circuit with a lot of mileage gained on both the Internet and in print. One of these bikes was recently auctioned off on eBay for a huge $40,000.




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