Elac Presents The Smallest Subwoofer In The World

We have just the perfect little thing that you might have not really noticed but will soon do and would love to add to your high-tech system of acoustics. It is perhaps the smallest subwoofer in the world. Brand Elac has been quite busy it seems. It recently launched a range of Art-Edition Speakers and followed it up with this limited edition subwoofer that really draws inspiration from the leader of De Stijl, Piet Mondrian. This group is an association of painters, architects and designers from all over the Netherlands.

It is a 2.1 desktop speaker system that comprises of two satellite speakers as well as the 2010 BT MicroSUB, and this in turn is made of four amplifiers that are equally divided between bass drivers and connected satellites. Imagine, all this is packed in a unit as small as 21.8 cm tall, 15.o cm wide and 17.8 cm deep. It’s total weight is 4.8 kg.

Again, the subwoofer has cinch sockets that make it compatible with notebooks, streaming servers, Mp3 players and mobile phones with intergrated MP3 players, also we must not ignor the classic CD and DVD players.

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