Effen vodka

Here is a bottle to add to your proudly displayed bar collection. Effen vodka is created in Holland from premium Dutch wheat and distilled five times at a temperature lower than other ultra-premium vodkas and pure spring water. Effen is created following a 120 year-old recipe that was refined by a panel of top bartenders. So this new vodka is industry approved and endorsed. The result is a crisp, clean tasting and smooth vodka perfect for contemporary cocktails or straight-up fun!

Effen is available in original unflavoured vodka (40% ABV), black cherry with vanilla (35% ABV) and raspberry with vanilla making it smooth enough to drink straight up or as a complement to almost any mixer with the ideal level of natural sweetness. This sleek bottled vodka comes in 50mL, 375mL, 750mL and 1.5 L. The 750mL bottle costs around $35.

So the next time you have your pals over, try the new vodka with its fresh flavours- I for one will lay my hands on the black cherry vanilla!

Via Effen

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