Gorocool: A Cool Laptop Desk by Thanko

In this fast moving and highly technological world, laptops are fast replacing the old desktops. Interestingly, laptops are becoming the must have electronic gadgets for many of the techno-savvy people. Well, working for long hours on the laptop is sometimes a painful task to do so. Gorocool designed by Japan’s Thanko is an amazing laptop desk that will let you work more comfortably on your laptop.


You can fix this in any seating surface like the lounges, sofas, beds and chairs. You can adjust the Gorocool according to your comfortable seating position with the help of the hinges.This will also protect your lap from getting heated up that happens often as the powerful fan inside the laptop generates a lot of heat.

Interestingly, Gorocool comes with an built-in fan, which can be turned on or off depending on your wish. This works with a USB cable.You can buy the Gorocool for $90 from Thanko in Japan. This is a cool product that everybody may soon need. The price is also reasonable and I will definitely get one for myself.

Via: Unplggd\JeansNow\Thanko

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