A Waterproof TV Remote Control by Sony Japan

We have just discovered some new Television remote controls by Sony Japan. These remote controls have simple basic functions and they come with big buttons. This will make it easier for the users to see the buttons and change the channels easily. These remote controls are waterproof. Thank God somebody at least came up with a waterproof remote control. Mine just stopped functioning as I accidentally poured water on it.Now I can care less if it happens again.

These Sony remote controls are compatible with most TV manufacturers. They will be on sale from September 10 onwards at but only in Japan. They will be available for 2468 Yen ($29). They come in five different colors. Interestingly, the remote controls have sharp numbered buttons but the button no. zero is printed on the button no. 10 in a small size.

I wonder why they had to do this. Probably Sony wanted to save some space for other purposes. Nevertheless, it’s not a bad deal considering it’s a water-proof remote control. My only worry is if this will ever be available in other places apart from Japan.

Via: Google\NewLaunches
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