A Crazy Homemade Jetpack by a Canadian Mechanic

It’s rather surprising to realize that some people are indeed very strange when it comes to performing scary stunts. A Canadian man is selling his homemade jetpack via online classified ad. Apparently, he handcrafted the jetpack by himself and used car and airplane parts. He had been a mechanic for 15 years. You must be wondering what this jetpack is all about. Well, this will allow you to jump in the air as high as 10 feet.

You can jump twice per hour. It weighs 53lbs and it is as big as an ordinary camping backpack. It comes in grey color. If you are looking at the fun part of the jetpack, it’s advisable to also look at the flip side of it. You might land up dashing against the wall of a building if you are not careful while jumping in the air. You might land up breaking your bones no matter how safe it is to jump in the air with this jetpack on your back.

Another scary part is that it may just explode on your back if it’s overheated. Initially the jetpack was available for as low as $500 but now the price has shot up to as high as $2,500. If you are seriously thinking about buying then, you can test this yourself and also watch the owner perform the stunt for you so that you get the basic ideas to take proper precautions.

Via: Geekologie\UsedVictoria

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