Boccaccio Stoves Will Change Your Kitchen Forever!

Koppe is the name of a new steel kitchen that is real amazing. The Boccaccio stoves have been clad in steel the country of Germany to add a heavy dose of glamour to your cooking adventures. Coming back to the stoves, they have the capacity to give an output of 8kw of ostensible heat. A large curved panoramic viewing pane adds the stylish quotient to the whole affair.

A primary air regulation and preheated secondary air supply keep the kitchen area well-ventilates for you. And if you desire, a smoke vent can be installed either on top or behind the stove.

With a price range between $3,565 and $5,187, the Boccaccio stove has a side panel and a decorative top plate of soapstone. The same series also includes several models of rotatable Boccaccio stoves that have summer and winter panels. We have found another use for you; the kitchen stove works well as a decorative cabinet with a glass shelf during the comparatively warm months.



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