Bridge Is A Cool New Outdoor Shower That Promises The Sun To You

Bridge is a very new and discreet shower hat has been structured in hot galvanized steel tubing, which makes it fit to be exposed to any kind of climate. Everyone’s fallen in love with it right from the moment it was launched. The sensual treat has a mass of water spraying from 3 shower heads; two of these are situated laterally to fully cover the body. The arch-shaped structure further facilitates that!

The shower when in production is treated with an effective shield against corrosion. Thus, a long-lasting protection is achieved with the least bit of maintenance. And the makers promise this little innovation in any possible color of your choice.

A water tap situated near the shower’s base. Again, there is the hot water regulator that lets you control the hot water and cold water combinations. The shower can be installed both in the sun and in the shade. And its biggest strength is that water is kept at a constant temperature without any regard for the outdoor temperature.

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