Self-Sustaining Biosphere Home Farming Concept: Nature In Harmony

The sustenance of the environment is in the hands of those who dream big and dream brazenly to create devices that can take the place of energy consuming products. These eco friendly individuals hope that eco gadgets would be not just the demand but the norm of the future.

A self-sufficient home environment is a concept that designers have flirted with for quite some time. The Biosphere Home Farming concept by Philips involves a home farm that involves several ecosystems existing in harmony. The biosphere includes various plants stacked atop of a container of algae which in turn sits atop a fish tank. The lowest container collects the organic waste.

The interconnected system survives through the waste products left out by the inhabitants of one container which are then used by the inhabitants of another container to survive. Water from the fish tank feeds the plants which release oxygen into the water; waste products of the fish collect as manure for the plants and methane and CO2 released by plants power the whole system so there is no need for electricity. Setting this up anywhere where it can get some sunlight will start the process.

Check out a video of the biosphere in action (scroll till the 8th minute if you’re bored!)

biosphere home farming

Via: DesignProbes
biosphere home farming

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