Steampunk USB Drives Stuns Everyone With A Price Tag of $3K

State-of-art is never anything that the modern man…err…woman too would wanna skip. Even if it’s just a mundane object like a USB flash drive that gets transformed in the process. Steampunk has made a name for itself in modifying stuff in a very new way, and hence, they are definitely worth a dekko at least. The newest makeover that these guys have given something is a USB drive that indeed looks very cool but we somehow cannot digest its price tag that reads $3,000. We assume it’s the sentimental value to the owner /creator more than anything else.

Reminding one of Captain Nemo’s gadgets, this one-of-a-kind art object has been made in hand from brass and copper. The flash drive within has a memory of 4GB. And this stunning object comes sitting its very special period case lined with plush velvet.

Coming back to the huge price, folks are wondering if it was a misprint. Because if it indeed cost $300, the item would disappear immediately from the market. But then, it’s unfair to put a price to a work of art. Let’s take the maker’s word on that, only if you have the moolah to buy it, of course!


Via ubergizmo

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