Minx Model 18V Powerboat is the Right Choice for Bored Yacht Owners

The Minx Model 18V Powerboat is a powerful machine that almost runs as fast as a car on the water. So, if your idea of boating is to have a leisurely and relaxing ride on the water, the Minx Model 18V Powerboat is not for you. It can reach speeds of up to 80mph and is 15 to 20 mph faster than any other stock PWC.

It would start from the price of $20,490 and the price would go on. You would feel like you are in a go-kart or something like that, though it may be necessary for you to fasten seatbelts if you are a little weak at heart. The boat looks quite impressive and comes quite cheap, and costs just as much as a Camry does. It claims the performance of a Corvette though.

You could add a lot of features to it at extra costs and if you are looking for something luxurious, you could turn the basic model into something really royal. I guess travelling on the water would never be the same again, and yes, you could dump that boring yacht you got yourself a couple of years ago.

Via: Gizmag

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