Eraser Brush: Doodle, Erase, Brush!

Designers absolutely love talking about how the simplest designs are always the most useful and the most difficult to think up. Every time a new design for a product is unveiled, people are left admiring the simplicity and wondering why no one had ever thought of making things that way!

The Eraser Brush is a product that you’ll view with the same thoughts in mind. The wooden block is fitted with an eraser on one end and a natural hair brush on the other end. Doodle away on your sketch books and when it is time to put in an actual drawing, just erase and brush away the extra rubber bits. You never should try sketching when your hands are dirty but even so, rubbing away those tiny bits can leave smudges on clean sheets.

This design has actually been spotted on a lot of erasers with fancy designs for little kids, but if you’re embarrassed about carrying a Barbie or Pocahontas eraser then this would work for you better. The Eraser Brush is made by visually impaired crafts folk in Berlin and the 4” eraser will cost you 7 pounds.

Via: CrunchGear/SwissMiss
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