Victor Bivol Unveils Laptop that Doubles Up as a Tablet PC

If you are the kind of person who would want all the good things in life, you just have to sometimes look around. Things are not that easy though and there would be a lot of products which are not exactly high-end though they are priced high. It takes a good designer to come up with cool products, just like Victor Bivol did.

He has designed a conceptual laptop not for the market, but actually for designers to further develop the product. The Combo Laptop can metamorphose into tablet too, when required. The keyboards can be twirled and twisted when outside to make it function like a tablet and it would be amazing to have two different gadgets at the same time.

This kind of tablet PCs are great for usage in flights and also while travelling in trains or on cruises. It makes things easy, and more convenient. Unfortunately, being a concept, his tablet-cum-laptop may never enter the market and even if it did, it sure will take a very long time.

Via: Coolest Concepts

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