The Sultan Of Brunei Sets New Haircut Standards

Newer standards in luxury are being laid. Yes, even in the financial hard times! Of course, the selected few like the Sultan of Brunei (the pic above is not a recent one). The status is rarefied and so you can well imagine the ostentatious spending habits that he must be enjoying. Well, the man is in news for a haircut he took recently. Boy, now what’s big with that is what you must be wondering. Well, the simple routine thing cost him a huge $21,485.

Believe it or not but the stylish Sultan hired a private luxury cabin on a Singapore Airlines flight from London to Brunei for an appointment with his favorite barber Ken Modestu which cost £11,000, excluding the bit about hotel ad luxury gourmet food. Though regular folks can get a snip from Ken for £30 at the Dorchester hotel in Mayfair, Central London; but His Majesty did not want to take any chances with the Swine Flu bug and thought it was safer to fly his hairdresser instead.

An insider revealed that Ken has been styling the Sultan’s hair for 16 years now. And an appointment is duly taken once every three-four weeks. And the Sultan likes to treat his hairdresser friend to a first class flight for £9,000.

Via timesonline
sultan of brunei

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