Bike Inspired Pizza Cutters for Foodies

Guys and bikes are inseparable and it won’t take much time for a boy growing up to make his parents buy him an amazingly cool bike for his 16th birthday. The love for bikes only grows and increases with age, and though the boy may grow up to be a handsome stud, his love for bikes would remain the same. If he happens to love pizzas for some reason, he might want his pizza cutter to resemble a bike, per chance!

With that bizarre thought in mind, here a designer has created some amazing pizza cutters with strange but bike-friendly names such as “Pizza For Life”, “Easy Rider”, “Phatboy”, “Psycho Pizza Cadillac”, “Mantis”, and “Gold Knuckle”. Each one looks and resembles the eponymous bikes and a pizza lover who also loves bikes would find these cutters an unavoidable thing on the shopping list.


Any guy who is worth his salt would like to get these pizza cutters as bikes and pizzas are a guy-thing. However, it is yet unclear if the guys would like the delivery boys to carry these amazing pizza cutters. The pizza delivery boy’s bike, the pizza and the well, the story might take a strange turn.


Via: Book Of Joe

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