Tarrango Earnestly Creates The American Dream Of A Bentley

Like they say, there is always a very thing line between the original and their rip-offs. Quite an unending debate that one is. But what happens when spot a total wipe-off? Genius? Just too many questions to start with. Well, you can well imagine the impact this luxe product that we are going to talk about made on us.

Let’s start from the very beginning. Earnest Tarrango is a man known for his deep passion for cars. In fact he is also famous for giving a unique angle to cars, thereby changing their entire looks and even the name. Take the recently finished four-door luxury sedan into consideration. Apparently, the entire identity of this vehicle has been transformed into a two-door drop-top convertible. The finished product is called Chrysler 300CV or the American Bentley.

We are told that Tarrango took many months of toiling and oodles of money to make this little idea come true. The remodeling work was done in Irving. The car now has a custom-molded windshield, chrome-plated and hand-crafted moldings that have matching chrome rims. Tarrango has also won many awards for his dedication like the top prize at a Dallas car show. Currently, he is looking for a buyer.


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