Immovable Android Glass Phone Is Obsolete

Cell phones were born because of the desire for men to hold onto a conversation while on the go. Any phone that offers anything lesser than that is plain near retarded in this age and time when people are always moving about. This desktop phone by Cloud Telecomputers is a surprising and refreshing attempt at trying to make people enjoy a conversation while seated at a desk.

The Android Glass phone, first of all, looks nothing like the phones that you have gotten used to over the past few years. The idea that you cannot carry this around is a complete setback but some of the features of the phone make it slightly interesting. The phone shows off an 8” touchscreen and is loaded with Android and Google Cellphone OS. The phone does pretty much what every phone can do today; you can send SMSs, emails, etc, and of course, make calls.

The Android Glass also has the usual applications that we take for granted today. The only thing different about the phone is its big size touchscreen. Unfortunately, even with the impressive size, the phone is certainly not appealing. It is surprising anybody would buy this for $600 to $700.

Via: Dvice
android glass phone

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