EniCycle, The Monowheeled Segway, Is A Disappointment

The Segway human transporter has inspired the creation of many vehicles of the same type. Recently, we featured a solo-wheeled Segway that made an appearance at the popular design competition, James Dyson Award. This personal transporter is also designed after the Segway except for the fact that it has a solo wheel.

The EniCycle is a unicycle with a difference. Designed by Slovenian inventor Aleksander Polutnik, the EniCycle is a self balancing unicycle which features a gyroscope system that turns 100rps. The electric motor which powers the bike is fitted just below the seat and above the mono-wheel. Like most Segways, speed of the bike is controlled by the movement of the person riding it; leaning forwards leads to acceleration and leaning backwards decelerates the EniCycle.

Following the trend of Segways, learning to ride the EniCycle is also supposed to be easy and can be accomplished within half an hour. The design of the monowheeled Segway appears to be extremely similar to the Orbis except for the absence of a handle. Sadly, there is nothing about the EniCycle that sets it apart from other human transporters.

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  • So to you the Enicycle is a “disappointment”. In what respects? Did you ride it and see for yourself?

  • Thanks for visiting, Ron. I was talking about the design of the EniCycle and how it is no different from a solo wheeled Segway like the Orbis. So, in that sense, yes, I was disappointed that it had nothing more to offer.

  • I haven’t heard a mumbling word about the enicycle since August 2009. Several e-mails to the inventor have gone unanswered. We surmise that he might be looking for investors, waiting on patent protection, or has been bought out by some unknown competitor. Sure would like to buy one. The design looks like a real professional was involved. Anybody out there know anything more?

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