Coffee Office Provides Private Space For Work And A Cup Of Coffee

In the fast paced life that everyone leads today, one of the few things that can lower rising blood pressures and calm the tension of people in the midst of a wild argument is a steaming cup of coffee. There is nothing like a cup of coffee to give that sense of everything being back under control.

Lucas Vieira understands the effects that mentioning coffee can do to the sensitive and high strung working traveler of today, and that is why his concept of the portable workstation is designed to resemble a cup of coffee. The Coffee Office is intended to provide private workstations to tarvellers in public places. Each workstation would provide internet access and will feature a Wi-Fi system along with space for laptop, touchscreen, keyboard and more.

Public places like airports and malls are places where there is dire need for privacy at times but one can hardly find this. Also, any office shaped like the amazing beverage must also provide the same and the Coffee Office does not disappoint in this regard. Users at the Coffee Office can enjoy a cup of coffee and can choose from different flavours while busy working away.

coffee office

Via: TheDesignBlog
coffee office

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