Unscented Lip Slicker for Hunters and Manly Guys

Sometimes guys who wear lip gloss or slicker may not be liked by many women, or even men. Glossy and cherry lips would certainly not be liked by most people as that is not extremely manly, nor is it attractive. In order to keep your lips from chapping and not have any taste or perfume on your lips, you could try these awesome Unscented Lip Slicker for Hunters.

Just like the name suggests, the lip balm has been designed for extra manly men, who do not like to wear lip balm which is perfumed. This has no taste, no smell and no shine. It is perfect for all the macho guys who want their lips to be supple but do not want to be less manly than they already are.

This Unscented Lip Slicker for Hunters cost $2.50 each and is very cheap. However, they would make you look good and well moisturized. So go ahead and grab a tube for yourself if you are a manly who wants his lips to be moisturized.

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