Multi Functions Electronic Device by David Turpin is a Technological Wonder

David Turpin is one of the most respected and admired designers ever. He has always designed the most venerable and admirable concepts till now which are chic, sleek and yet technologically advanced. Here is the Multi Functions Electronic Device. The device is a slab which functions as many things yet looks like it is a simple electronic mat which reveals time.

In fact, it reveals time too. You could choose between the gadget functioning as an mp3 player, a radio, a clock or even a calculator. You could manipulate with your fingers and hands to make the gadget work as different gadgets. It is a well thought out and intelligent design which would be great to buy if ever manufactured.


Unfortunately it is just a concept and there is not much information available about its availability and price. You could contact the designer for more information and perhaps you could find someone to actually manufacture and market this cool product too!

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