Mary Jane Delivers a Potent Soda with Herbal Extracts

Mary Jane’s Relaxing Soda has a dubious name. Mary Jane is a slang term for Marijuana and the relaxing soda named after it is certainly dubious if you ask me. Nevertheless, it is one of the tastiest and fresh tasting sodas around lately. Herbal extracts, including Kava Extract and Passionflower, carbonated water, and all-natural cane sugar make sure your drink is fresh tasting and rejuvenating to the body.

Soda may not be great for body but with so many great ingredients, you can expect yourself to feel very fresh and energetic after drinking it. It would relax you so well that it would be great to drink in lounges and nightclubs when you just can’t take alcohol anymore.

It costs $30 for a 12 pack and I am sure you would certainly be able to afford it. The packaging is simple and chic and is just perfect for parties, and even long drives and dates. Soda is not good for health, but this drink comes with added derivatives and extracts which make it beer ha a regular drink of carbon or soda.

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