The Phantom Bar Comes with Martin-Baker Mk7 Ejection Seats

If you are the kind of person who would dream about flying high, but cannot actually own a plane because you never learned how to fly, you could get yourself the Phantom Bar. The Phantom Bar comes with Martin-Baker Mk7 ejection seats from an F4 Phantom. F4 Phantom is an amazing plane, if you did not know and you thought you were a great lover of airplanes.

While the bar looks quite tempting, it costs about $225,000 which means you must either be filthy rich, or really crazy about aircrafts in order to get it for yourself. Instead, I would recommend pubs or high end lounges to get this bar so that they can allow their esteemed customers to experience the joy of using Martin-Baker Mk7 ejection seats from an F4 Phantom.

At $225,000 I think one must get something more than just seats and a bar. I would rather buy a real plane, or invest in a flying course, if possible. What do you readers think?

Via: Crunch Gear

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