Special Phantom For The Middle East From Rolls-Royce

When most people used to luxury enjoy the comforts of Ghost, those located in the Persian Gulf have other options when it comes to ultra-luxe cars. From what we hear, Rolls-Royce has decided to make a new full-size Phantom exclusively for the car enthusiasts living in the Middle East.

Only six of these vehicles have been manufactured and were unveiled recently amidst a lot of pomp and show. And this car model is turning to be quite a deal. The mega rich clients of the famous car brand will also get the option of choosing from color options beyond the usual range that is offered to common mortals like us. The picture here is of a Phantom made in two-tone Arizona Sun over English White paint with Crème Light and a Saddle Tan leather interior. All this is complemented by handmade silk rugs and mother of pearl patterns.

Now that is like the big daddy of all luxury cars and only the Arabs get to enjoy it. Well, can’t grumble at that because the oil fields are a prerogative of only a chosen few. Sigh!


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