Cabasse’s La Sphere is a Marvellous Feat of Engineering

Cabasse’s La Sphere is an amazing piece of engineering. The ultra high tech and extra luxurious speakers come at a price that is as expensive as a base model 2009 Ferrari F430. It is being touted as the world’s only 4-way, point source speaker system which delivers the world’s best audio clarity. You could experience a stage quality sound and this cannot happen unless you are spending an amount like $176,000.

Yes, the loudspeakers by Cabasse cost $176,000. La Sphere is thus one of the most expensive loudspeakers we have ever featured, and the shape may not look very elegant and the design isn’t too chic, but these loudspeakers are almost as technically sound as a rocket designed by the NASA.

So go ahead and get these speakers for yourself as you may not live again to experience this awesome quality of sound. You would actually need to read about it more, and learn about all its features and you would be even more impressed. It would be exhibited at the National Audio Show in the UK on the 26th and 27th of September. Take a flight to London and get these speakers!

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  • No need to go to London to see and experience this theoretically perfect pair of loudspeakers. They are available for viewing/listening in Redondo Beach, California at Systems Design Group. Contact Jerry Axelrod at 310-370-8575.

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