Arkeg Arcade Game Machine and Beer Dispenser

If you are fond of drinking, and playing video games as well, you are most certainly a pot bellied nerd. Nevertheless, you might also be having a lot of money if you can spare to spend on drinks and waste time on gaming! If you belong to this category, you really must try getting hold of Arkeg, which costs $4,000 and is made for men who drink and play video games in the house.

The Arkeg is a fully functioning arcade game machine which comes pre-loaded with 69 games including Mortal Kombat, Asteroids, and others. The machine also features a 24 inch LCD and a backlit marquee which makes the whole thing look and feel real elite and expensive.

You would also get amazing speakers, custom aluminium panel, and a fully functioning beer dispenser or the kegerator. It keeps your beer and ale cold and fresh. So all you need to do is cough up $4,000 and drink booze more, and play video games more. Don’t blame us if you start looking uglier than you used to before.

Via: Uncrate

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