One Of Ettore Bugatti’s Original 1912 Is Now On For Auction

Vintage cars are one of the few things that can demand any price and get it too. In fact, many a times there is a tough call deciding which higher price option to opt for! This time around, Bonham’s auction house is conducting its inaugural annual “Weekend de l’Excellence Automobile” in Reims on September 26. And we are told that a very exclusive 1912 model from Bugatti will be the high point of the auto affair.

The car has had the privilege of Ettore Bugatti as one its drivers at Le Mans and the Mont Ventoux Hill Climb. Other esteemed owners of this classic car also include the Duke of Bavaria and the UK-based classic car engineer Nigel Arnold-Forster. Relying on that very fact it has quoted a price of $3.4 million at the auction.

The Bugatti dreamboat is a two-seater with a 5-liter “Type 18” is one of the three surviving machines that were originally manufactured by Ettore. Also, there is more than just Bugatti at Reims which will also feature a 1937 Merc Benz 540 K Cab. C and a 1968 Ferrari 330 GTS convertible at “affordable” prices.



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