Cointreau Booze Pearls The Newest Innovation For The Bar

Sag Harbour’s Sen is garnering a lot of interest these days thanks to the exclusive Cointreau Pearls that it’s offering on the menus. The pearls, we are told, are made only with a special kit designed by French mixologist Fernando Castellon and there are only 20 of these so far in the US. So, you can well imagine the popularity pertaining to its exclusivity.

They call this process of making the booze pearls ‘spherification’. It was specially designed for Cointreau keeping in mind its unique natural sugar content and pH level. The result is often referred to as Cointreau caviar, which is what the pearls remind you of. Also, no chemicals are used for this little magic in your cocktail and so no tastes are altered. Only Evian and a sphere gel are used.

So all that they do is drop the formula in a calcite bath and later kept in water where the pearls get harder. The longer they sit in water, the harder they get. An amazing innovation, the booze pearls look spectacular floating in champagne and sinking gracefully in pomegranate martinis.

booze pearls

booze pearls1

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