Lazareth Wazuma Bio V12 Uses Ethanol To Give 500 Horsepower

The search could have just ended for you. We have just discovered the ultimate toy for some thrilling times. Lazareth Wazuma Bio V12 could well be the last word in the oh-so-important power-to-weight ratio. This one has been created in France by Lazareth Motorcycles.

We are told that the Wazuma has taken a lot from BMW V12 and so can easily go ahead and flaunt a 500 horsepower that fits in too well with the quad-bike frame. In fact, this vehicle has to be thought of as two monster motorcycles put together. Running on E85 ethanol, you will not have any environment issues too while giving you power boosts. Again, it isn’t a hybrid and there isn’t a single lithium-ion battery here.

All this doesn’t come cheap. Close to $283,000 will have to be kept aside for this extravagance. The looks of the Wazuma are very futuristic and it’s done in black all over. The wheels are almost as big as the ones Batman drove in the last flick. A cool machine to own, if you can afford it, that is!

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