RS1 Xtreme M3 Simulator Has No Compatibility Issues

Simulators that do not promise a real-life thrill no longer interest gamers. Well, why not…the standards have gone higher. The RS1 Xtreme M3 Simulator is one such mode of entertainment that comes integrated with a projector tower and trainer station that add expediency.

The exclusive components of the RS1 Xtreme have been used to create this latest version in simulators that also has an added top-of-the-line 3-axis motion actuator system. This allows acceleration at up to 2Gs and stimulates vibrations in synchronization with the on-screen action. The biggest strength of this simulator is the new proprietary patent Immersion Screen design and technology that allows the racers a true 180 degree field of vision. Also, there are the multiple high-output shakers that increase the realism by generating vibrations.

Being software independent, the new Rs1 Xtreme M3 works well with a whole lot of software titles like iRacing, ACTC, ARCA Sim Racing, DIRT, GRID, Live For Speed, NFS Undercover, Nitro Stunt Racing and X-Motor Racing without having you worried about compatibility issue. At $29,395 you can well expect it to do all this and much more.


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