M1C Racing Car Replica For Speed Junkies

Cars that can exceed speed limits, or at least go fast enough to seem as though they are going faster than sound could travel, will always remain immortalised in the minds of racing car fans. Racing cars, thus, would always remain the favourites with the speed junkies.

The M1C was one of the McLaren cars which became popular at the racing tracks of the Can-Am. In the traditional kiwi orange colour that the McLaren cars were always painted in, the M1C was a huge favourite with its 355 cubic inch engine delivering 500hp. Barely 600kgs in weight, the car was fitted with a small block engine with four 48 IDA carburettors. Only 25 M1C’s were made by McLarens in the 1960s and they were sold under the name of McLaren Elva Mark III. Mclaren is no longer into the production of cars but you could still get your hands on the M1C.

A German company, LMP Engineering, is remaking the M1C and fans of the old racing car would definitely be interested in getting themselves one. Although the price hasn’t been announced yet, I bet this car will cost a hell of a lot.

Via: Wired

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