Electrolux H2O Future Kitchen 2099: Most Unappealing

Designing living spaces for the far away future can be a difficult thing but it still remains a favourite with a lot of people. Futuristic gadgets and spaces ;ets the creativity really flow unrestricted and the most amazing of these could actually become reality in some time.

Unfortunately, designers often get carried away with an idea that has taken root in their mind and seem unable to let go of it, even when the concept doesn’t look that great in design. Introducing the kitchen of the future, Electrolux H2O Future Kitchen 2099, which is built around a great concept but looks strangely unappealing. The kitchen, which is designed around the claytronic atom, comes in a portable cube which can then be arranged and set up as the buyer wishes.

The self cleaning cube can be upgraded with required applications and everything in it is powered by H2O fuel cells. Sadly, the kitchen designed by Peter Vardai ends up looking like a design disaster with the dining table set looking like something unmentionable painted in the worst colour choices. Not what we want to see in the future.

electrolux h2o future kitchen

Via: YankoDesign
electrolux h2o future kitchen

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