XBox 360 Autographed By Sarah Palin Sold On eBay For $1.1 Mil?

Sarah Palin accomplished what most women couldn’t do during her run for vice presidential campaign. She managed to make herself heard and was even on practically every channel from CNN to VH1, seen perhaps even more than Obama. The fact that people were making fun of her non-existent wit and her fashion sense is a moot point at the moment.

Palin may have given up her position as Governor of Alaska barely weeks ago but she is in the news again and it is most interesting news indeed. This time round, it is the computer nerds and gaming geeks talking about her. This may seem strange but Palin owes it all to a young man who considers her autograph so valuable that he decided to sell it on eBay for $1.1 million! The man got Palin to autograph his 60GB mint condition Xbox 360 at the governor’s picnic in Alaska just a couple days before she resigned.

Gossip mongers believe Palin resigned as Governor because she intends to run for President in 2012, and geeks now believe this mysterious Palin supporter would also be the biggest donor for her presidential campaign. I think she owes him more for introducing her to a host of geeks. Interestingly, the Xbox is no longer listed on eBay. So, tell us Mystery Palin Fan, how much did you get for it?


Via: Luxuo/Joystiq

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