Sound Carrier 300 B From Aurum Brings Ethereal Sounds To You

Audiophiles are forever looking for ways to enjoy their music better. Actually, they are more or less looking to immortalize the acoustic highs in their soul. Now for doing that, you need something as good as the Sound Carrier 300 B from the exclusive Aurum series. This one is an amazing music system that boasts of the technical expertise of the house of Technicki Centar Krklec, which you know has always been committed to very high standards of music production in the comforts of one’s home.

The Sound Carrier 300 B has been built on a gold plated copper chassis that hold it well and strong while upping the aesthetic levele too. It promises the best of the best ihgh-tech components which work in sync to give you the sound you need. There are built-in transformers on double C-cores as well as Mundorf Silver Gold Oil coupling capacitors, 2W tantalum Audionote resistors, Cardas speakers and RCA terminal.

At $17,281, the music system pretty much includes everything like the 300 B Western Electric tubes as well as the Mundorf and Audionote wiring. If you own this, you really won’t need anything else for your entertainment.




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