Armaroli’s FA5 F1 Simulator Is Packed With The Real Thrills

Formula 1 passionates might be faced with a dilemma because of the incompatibility between they wallets and their favorite but expensive sport that actually driving a race car become just another wishful thinking. However, if you are still willing to spend though a little less than the price of a top-end race car, a Brazilian group called Armaroli Design has developed and designed a cool new F! simulator that pretty much does the trick.

They are calling it FA5 and have attached a price tag of $34,500 (we do realise it is big, but then so is the sport). The simulator has an ergonomic design as well as the latest in technology used in the new F1 cars. The makers have integrated LCD monitors that promise 44 inches of viewable area. A Logutech G25 wheel with pedals and force feedback get you the rea; feel.

It also has an Armaroli Computer V12 with Motherboard Gigabyte GA-M650SLI-DS4 as well as two video boards. Other technical details include NVidia GForce 86000GT and Inter Core 2 Duo E8500 that ensure you do not miss out on any trick or tactic used by the racers on the track. On top of all this, the FA5 simulator has a built-in Logitech Z4 sound system, G5 mouse and G15 keyboard to give you the ultimate thrill of F1.





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