Gaiser High End PCs Fail To Make Sense, Even One Related To Extravagance

The luxury market dealers will always find newer ways to empty the pockets and purses of the uber rich. Gaiser High End PCs are a classic example. This is a line of computers that functions like the usual machines that we not-so-well-off have on our desks in the times today but yes, they are different in terms of the precious and semi-precous materials adorning their surfaces that attempt to make obscene spending justifiable.

Holding our judgemental horses for a while, let us tell you that these PCS are covered in 24 carat gold leaf and spectacular Swarovski crystals. In fact, the intense adornments can be seen reflectd in the huge price tag that each of this computer carries – $32,300, which, mind you, is more than a car!

Now, at this price we do feel that those crystals could have easily been replaced by high-quality diamonds though we still cannot digest the sense of putting diamonds on a PC case. The range provided by Gaiser has only one primary purpose – to flaunt! Meant only for those who do not like to think twice when shopping, the high end PCs from Gaiser are a strange concept with and unjustifiable price range.

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