Alcatel Crystal A Is Unflattering

Makers of mobile phones are under the stress to come up with new ways to gain the interest of consumers and this is often difficult because, with the technology available, it appears that everything possible has already been done. Their best bet is to hit upon a design that would appeal.

TCT Mobile Limited may soon launch their latest luxury phone into the market. The Alcatel Crystal A, unfortunately, does not look luxurious enough to appeal to anyone. The flip phone seems to have a smattering of precious stones on the cover, but the design itself is quite unflattering. Flip it open and the phone looks old-fashioned and boring to the point of looking repulsive, especially to the younger generation that is used to shiny and futuristic designs.

The ‘luxury’ part of the phone appears only to be the precious stones studded on the cover but this fails to impress. The Alcatel Crystal A supports Bluetooth and WAP browser and has an external display, camera and the usual things like Java games and organizer which even the most basic phones have today. The price is unknown still.

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