$2 Million Ultimate Speaker System Is Totally Dope!

Getting a good enough speaker system isn’t such a difficult thing but this depends upon what you would consider good enough. Is a good speaker system defined by amazing sound quality, sound level, or the killer design? You get all three with this speaker set but you probably wouldn’t be able to get your hands on it.

The Ultimate speaker set by Transmission Audio is gigantic and must have been made for the family of giants that lived atop Jack’s Beanstalk. Towering over everyone at 7 feet, the Ultimate has 12 separate open-baffle dipole panels which would make up a 37 foot wide speaker wall. Made as a two channel listening system, the Ultimate speaker system costs a mind boggling $2 million (one million for each channel?)! get yourself the Ultimate if you have a couple million lying around in your vault for just such purposes, and if you find you have some more left over then you could buy this giant system some accessories.

Relieving yourself of the two million would also get you the power amps, 6 of it in total. Since the speaker system can handle twice this power, you could buy six more amps for another half million. Then again, you probably want to save some money for a loaf of bread and maybe some honey, huh?

transmission audio speaker transmission audio speaker transmission audio speaker

Via: UltimateAVMag/CNet
transmission audio speaker

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