SmartMeasure Cup Makes Things Easier For First Time Cooks

If you’re not the kind of person to often visit that horrifying place in your house called the kitchen, then you probably understanding people who have nightmares and get panic attacks at the mention of cooking. One thing first time cooks just find it impossible to understand is how people who enjoy cooking know how to measure things.

The SmartMeasure Cup has obviously designed by someone who feels quite bad for all the first time cooks and as a sign of his sympathy has come up with a great concept cup that would measure fluids for them. Apart from the old fashioned printed measurements on the side of the cup, the SmartMeasure Cup also features a digital display on the handle that tells the exact measurement of whatever is residing in the cup.

The backlit LCD display of the SmartMeasure Cup also does the unit conversions for you so that you don’t have to worry about recalling your second grade measurement lessons. The SmartMeasure Cup is just a concept right now but is supposed to be available as a product this fall.

Via: UberGizmo
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