Flipside Wallet Is Uber Cool!

If you are tired of losing your wallet and having to rush to a phone to quickly call up the banks and block your credit cards, then it is time you welcomed the world of technology right into your pocket. Throw away your old black leather wallet and get yourself the Flipside Wallet.

The extremely stylish Flipside Wallet mimics your old leather wallet but is so much more chic and has all the features of a gadget that keeps your money safe for you. The Flipside Wallet features a great locking mechanism design with a slide and auto-lock. Made from durable polymers that can be recycled, the bi-fold wallet has RFID Theft feature which would make it impossible for anyone to cash in on your hard earned money and guard your credit cards and ID cards.

The $40 Flipside Wallet is available in three different colours, Stealth, Avalanche and Orange Crush. You can flip this open and pretend it’s a new phone and fool your friends. The cards sit snug and safe inside the small wallet; only thing it doesn’t have is a place for your coins.


Via: FlipsideWallet

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