ChefStack Becomes The First Automatic Pancake Machine In The US

America’s list of favorite foods holds pancakes in a very respectable position. But let’s admit that it isn’t very easy to make it considering the battling mess with the flour, eggs and the batter. ChefStack automatic pancake machine dares to offer a convenient solution. The machine is already generatine rave reviews across the Australias and the New Zealand and now it readies to move to America for good.

The ChefStack can produce fresh and 97% fat-free delicious pancaked ina matter of 30 seconds. The unit is as small as a microwave oven and can be easily operated as one. Experts see the appliance’s entering into the US a very critical move that will prove beneficial to theĀ makers. Right now, comfort food is the need of the hour and what better than a sumptuous pancake.

Now vendors can shell out food far quicker than usual and boy, won’t the ChefStack automatic pancake machine let the mummies take an extra breath or two when serving to their voracious young’uns. The price tag says $3,500. And if that is a big money snag for you then you can always opt for the low monthly payments that the brand is offering.

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