Klipsch Heritage Speaker Series Pack In The Ultimate Entertainment System

The Klipsch Heritage Speaker Series is to die for! This range is built to order and is made in hand. With a highly efficient 105 dB 1W/ 1M these systems create sounds that will literally rock your world. Again, they come fully horn-loaded with an intelligent three-way system that keeps the 15″ woofer active in delivering powerful low frequencies. The 2″ midrange and 1″ tweeter compression drivers also do their corresponding jobs with tremendous efficience. Let us also not forget to mentin that these speakers have the ability to handle extreme output levels with ultra low distortion and a surprisingly dynamic range.

Ranged between $800-$4,000, these speakers are available in three color options – cherry, walnut and black ash wood veneer finish. The Klipsch Heritage range features the Klipschorn Floorstanding Speaker with a 15-inch woofer, the Klipschorn-packing La Scala II Floorstanding model as well as complementary Cornwall III and Heresy III speakers (these were originally designed to function as center channels for a more robust Klipschorn and La Scala II).

A self-sufficient home theatre system, this collection has everything you ever asked for in your complete entertainment solution. The brand is also reliable and has remained almost unchanged, or so its 60 year-old history reflects.

Via uncrate & klipsch

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