Waterfall Audio Hits America With The Niagra Tower Speakers

How do handcrafted glass speakers sound to you die-hard audiophiles out there? And on top of that, famous brand Waterfall Audio (all its products are named after famous waterfalls) is the one┬ making them. So far the brand is quite a rage across 30 countries in Europe and Asia, and now it is all set to venture the American pastures with a newly developed set of speaker system that is being marketed by AVR Distributing.

So in the Americas, folks can expect an impressive line up that includes transparent sound and speaker cabinets. Just so you know, this expert brand has its very own safety-glass fabrocation technique that helps them create semaless sepakers with invisible corners.

All this and much more can be seen in the new flagship product called Niagra Tower Speaker that actually reflects the views of a pool and even Florida’s Biscayne Bay. It is usually seen that women folk are especially attracted to this stunning new Niara Tower Speaker. But let’s assure the men too that the performance and sound quality is really good too. A pair of these expensive speakers come for $54,000.

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  • i think the ipad bed is excellent for people who earn about $10 mil, why cant there be cool gadgets for people with a reasonable salary like myself. I mean i earn $12 000 a year and theres no speakers i can buy with it. Therefore i go on ebay and buy craps items that last for about 5 minutes then break, so please advertise cheap gadgets so anyone can buy them.

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