The World Gets Its Second Most Expensive Whiskey Thanks to Glenfiddich

Connoisseurs of wine must be familiar with the adage that aged liquor is never poured into any new containers for the fear of spoiling it! But company William Grant & Sons beg to differ. The famous Scottish distillers have decided to package their 50-year-old single malt Scotch into new bottles and sell the ‘new product’ for $16,000. By the way, this step makes the scotch the second-most expensive whiskey in the whole world.

Again, the exclusivity of the product can be learnt by the simple fact that the distillers have decided to release a limited edition of only 50 bottles. Also, each liquor bottles comes sitting comfy in specially designed, leather-bound treasure boxes done in hand. The flap of this box also carries the history of the whiskey.

Quite naturally, there is a global interest in the sales of this well-aged liquor with buyers coming from all parts of the world. The first bottle will go on sale on 1 September through Aelia at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport T2E.


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