The Scottish Baronial Mansion Gets A Luxe Hotel Avatar

This might be the latest addition to your list of ‘Why should I visit Scotland’. We are referring to the Scottish Baronial mansion situated on the shores of Loch Rannoch in Perthshire which is being renovated to its old splendour. The task has been taken up by Dall Estate and M James Developments.

A little research told us that this historical structure was created in 1855 and it will soon be transformed into a 104-suite hotel across all 7 stories surrounded by 18-hole golf courses. Among the many modern luxury amenities the Scottish Baronial mansion will also house a health spa, a body enhancement clinic and some spots of leisure which include lochside restaurants and a concert hall.

The new Dall resort expects you to be a member by paying £2 million plus annual dues of £500,000 in order to enjoy the joys of living in the Scottish Baronial mansion. Again, let us not forget to tell you that an overnight stay at this luxury hideout will cost you annual dues of £6,000 per person which can rise to £14,000 for the finest rooms.




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  • Saba, Unless you know something we dont, the only way this project will get planning permission is if Mr Malcolm James buys Scotland. At the moment with 97% of comments to the council against this project, not to mention the threat to what’s left of an ancient forest and some very rare wildlife, it stands no chance.

  • A stunning development that will be of no benefit to the locals, and any general visitors to Scotland. This development looks like a great way for the owner to fleece the rich and stupid out of their money with no concideration to the land around them.

    As the previous poster said this is so unlikely to get past the planning stage and if it does their will be appeals to the Scottish Parliament.

    Also a quick note to say that your whois record is so incomplete that its a contravention of terms of use and you could loose it. By law in some countries your contact details have to be in there.


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