Prada Velluto Jacquard Wristlet Pouch Call For Some Subtle & Elegant Fashion Quotient

There is a very strong chance that if you appreciated the Prada Velluto Jacquard Tote so much that you brought it home, the new Prada Velluto Jacquard Wristlet Pouch might just gain entry into your wardrobe too. This one is a demure little pouch meant to carry your bare essentials discreetly at a party while upping your fashion quotient. This one measures up to 6″W X 8″H X 5″D and trust us when we say that this much is good enough to add classy glam to your look for an evening. Because it personifies “I’m not trying too hard” which, fashion-wise, is a very good thing.

Like we were saying there is nothing loud about this pouch. In fact, it’s simplicity reeks of elegance that can’t go unnoticed right from the drawstring wrist strap to the Prada label stitched right at the bottom. The wristlet pouch shines owing to the lush gold velvet that gets contrasted with a plare royal blue one.

The concept of the pouch is grand but, mind you, without any elaborate adornments and blingy decoration. The only trouble we sense for you is really finding a dress to match with this one. Now, that’s another excuse for you to go shopping for a new one! By the way, Prada is also offering another option done in all lion velvet.

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