iDream Speaker Pillow for Music Lovers

The iDream Speaker Pillow is the one for those who love travelling and also listening to music. Travelling is never easy and it can be quite cumbersome if the distance is too long, even if the transportation services are just awesome.

There is an inbuilt speaker and you could just hook your iPod or mp3 player, and listen to the music as the wheels transport you to a different land. It even comes with a volume control and thus you can play music as loud as you want, if you are in your own vehicle. The co0olest part is, no one will hear how loud the music is, it can only be heard by the person who has his head on the pillow.

However, I am not sure if the quality would be great with the wheels whirring and you being able to listen to it from only one ear. It is not possible to rest both ears at the same time on a single pillow right? Perhaps you could buy two of them! They come in exciting colours and look pretty good, and cost just 20 Pounds. The colours that are available are blue, black and pink.

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